Student Led Community Initiatives

There are a variety of ways for McGill dental students to get involved outside of DSS clubs. The Student Community Initiatives Committee (SCIC) oversees all student-led volunteer community initiatives related to dentistry and the oral health of underprivileged people and communities as well as ongoing annual fundraising events. The role of this committee is to help guide, support and promote student events. They are a resource for students already involved in initiatives and those looking to become more involved.

Student-led community initiatives include: Discovery Day, Eagle Spirit Camp, Explore Careers in Health Day, Health Professional for a Day, Jeunes Explorateurs d’un jour, McGill Dentistry Gives Back, McGill Health Fair, McGill Interprofessional Global Health Course, Oral Health Total Health, Outreach Winter Event, Run for Outreach, Seeds of Change, and Shine Bright.

For more information on joining existing initiatives, or starting your own, access the SCIC course through MyCourses.