DMDIII Weekly Newsletter

Mar 6 – Mar 10


Occlusal appliance lab: please have your models ready for March 7.

Updates and Announcements

Roast Committee

Roast Committee! Reach out to Jad if you would like to be part of the roast commitee, whether you just want to have a minor role, or pitch your ideas, any input is welcome!

Yearbook Photo

Hi friends, as the yearbook is due much earlier this year (Mar 18), we have to request photos from everyone earlier as well. For our first request, we would like everyone to take an individual pic of themselves anywhere in the clinic. There are no restrictions other than please wear your McGill scrubs. Feel free to use props and be creative. Please keep in mind that like previous yearbooks, this is gonna be your “profile pic” so the photo will be in a vertical frame when we crop it so try to keep yourself centered in the pic. The due date for this photo will be next Friday (Feb 24). You can send the pic to Thank you.

Cleaning Schedule Jan-Feb

Please consult the class of 2024 Cleaning Schedule below.
Each student is responsible for making sure the plaster room is clean at the end of their AM/PM half day. The tasks to be done are as follows – Clean counters and put down white paper / clean out sinks of stone / sweep the floor / The room should be spotless. Each student must initial beside their name when the task is completed. If you are not at the faculty, please switch with someone else.


From your VP Academics, Ayah

Tuesday March 7th

DENT 318: No Perio Lecture in the AM

DENT 323: OMFS: Oral Surgery Lab – MANDATORY ATTENDANCE & NO REMEDIATION (9h00-12h00) Bring your protective glasses and wear scrubs for pig jaw exercise, read the document Nila sent by email.

DENT 320: WORKSHOP: appliance therapy (Bite registration and TMD evaluation)

Wednesday March 8th

DENT 313 (AM): MANDATORY ATTENDANCE for Community Projects

DENT 309 (PM): MANDATORY Implantology Lab

Make sure DPH reflection from last week is submitted. Videos on MyCourses.

Thursday March 9

Group A and B will have their session on March 9th, while Group C and D will have their session on March 16th.


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